The Kingdom of Tarth

Tarth is a nation that contains some of the richest, strongest, and most skilled people on the entire planet. The country is so wealthy that by comparison to all other nations, even it’s peasants are rich (Of course they’re not, but 2 gold a day is a heck of a lot more than 5 silver). Due to their wealth, the citizens of Tarth have near undying loyalty to the crown. The king is chosen by birthright. The oldest son is next in line to the throne, followed by the next oldest and so on. If there are no male heirs then the king’s daughter would be able to succeed him, and if there are no heirs at all, then the crown would pass to the king’s eldest brother and thus continue in his family from then on. The nation has only seen such prosperity during the last one hundred years.

The capital city of Tarth, named Tarth, is located between all three of the other cities of the kingdom. It has a large castle and is extremely well defended. The King of course lives here as well as the countries wizard and cleric leaders.

Rally, to the north, and Hope, to the south, are both port cities. Thanks to these two cities, Tarth is able to have the largest navy in the world. They have a very tight grip on the surrounding area, especially Tarth River, which no boats may enter without being thoroughly searched first. Hope is also the largest of the two and is used as the countries main port.

The city of Bastion to the east is the countries largest and most productive city. The war academy is also located here so the majority of soldiers and strategists are trained in Bastion. Bastion houses a large army which is only a three days march from any landmark point of Tarth, allowing for an easy and overwhelming defense of the area. And to top off their defenses, each city also contains a large portal to allow troops to teleport between the cities at a moments notice.

The area around the four main cities is inhabited by several small settlements that stretch all the way to the base of the Erato Mountains. There are also several mining towns set up at the base of the mountains and a system of watchtowers overlooking key points of the lands to the east. Thanks to all of these set ups, the nation of Tarth is able to continue it’s militaristic, though isolationist, way of life unchallenged.

The Kingdom of Tarth

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