The main NPCs of the world are all sorted by the region they most belong to, and then alphabetically by first name because I’m anal like that.


Lady Catherine Sithiel, devout follower of Heironeous, heroine of the land, the queen’s champion, and Countess of Low Court.
Queen Elanor Sithiel, ruler of Olorn. A kind hearted young girl and the divinely appointed ruler of the land.
Sir Isaac Sithiel, father of four, including the queen, and count of Kingsreach. He is an honorable and righteous man.
Lorian Sithiel, eldest brother of Elanor. A strong man who travels the world looking for adventure. He dislikes politics.
King Thaddeus Borrealle-Sithiel, nobleman who married into royalty. A wise, skilled tactician.
Xalina, Drow priestess of Eilistrae and lover of lady Catherine. She is her closest advisor.

Breen Forest:
Corel, a massive and highly intelligent tiger/familiar of Larethian. He never leaves his side.
Kal’anon Sithiel, third oldest sibling. He left the life of a nobleman to go start a family with the woman he loves.
Larethian, an immortal Elven arcane heirophant who has been around since the birth of the world. He protects both Breen and Ala’naliel as well as controlling a portal between the two.
Na’ali, an Elven artist and the wife of Kal’anon. She recently gave birth to a baby girl.

The Golden City:
Paladin Cross, a high ranking member of the Golden City’s guard. One of Drago’s go to guys when he needs something done.
Drago, high paladin of Heironeous and co-ruler of the Golden City. A kind, virtuous, and strong man.
Franklyn, high cleric of Pelor and co-ruler of the Golden City. A kind, wise, soft spoken man.

The Empress, a seemingly immortal sorceress. She is an evil woman and ruler of Cora. Spends most of her time in her tower, the Spire of Royalty.


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