City of Cora

Cora is a very large city led by a woman known as the Empress. The Empress has ruled her city for over a thousand years now, leading everyone to believe that she is immortal. And in some cases people actually worship her as a deity. She rules her city with an iron fist and keeps a fairly large army. Slavery is abundant in the city. In fact, owning slaves is a show of status. The more rich and powerful you are, the more slaves you own. The Empress herself owns nearly a thousand slaves. She of course has many overseers to keep them in line. Her city is matriarchal and men are allowed absolutely no power. Technically speaking, they are almost no better than the slaves. The only difference is that only the head of a household is allowed to beat the men, whereas anyone can beat a slave that is out of line. There is no doubt that this city can be considered a bastion of evil. Due to a fair number of fire giants living in the city there is a section referred to as the Molten Lake. A small crater in the city that contains a magically upkept pond of lava that they live around. A number of people have met their end here.

Some more specifics: The demographics of the city are as follows: The population is roughly ten thousand free people, and seven thousand slaves. The free population is: Human 80%, Half-Orc 5%, Orc 5%, Goblinoid 5%, monstrous humanoids 2%, Dwarves 2%, and 1% others. The poor areas of the city get larger and larger all the time. There are roughly 8000 poor people living in rather fowl conditions. It’s a very dirty and dangerous area to live in due to sickness. There are few laws, but the ones in place are held in place with very harsh punishments, so crime is relatively low.

Around 1,800 people can be considered middle class. These people all own a few slaves. The middle class tend to be artisans, merchants, business owners, the lower tier slave traders, and retired evil adventurers.

The upper class, roughly 200 people, are all obviously wealthy, boasting large manors and owning many slaves. Some of these are big time slave traders, others merchants, and still others are high standing members of the Empresses army. This includes really dangerous individuals, specifically a few powerful devils and fire giants.The upper class areas of the city all have very beautiful architecture and artwork. And all members of the upper class are required to attend parties if the Empress invites them. Failure to do so could result in death. Which is precisely why some middle class people have stayed where they are.

And finally in the city is the home of the Empress, the Spire of Royalty. A 15 story tall tower. The grounds around it contain massive manor homes used entirely as living quarters for her multitude of slaves. A small army of Lemures, led by twenty bearded devils, oversee the slaves. Each bearded devil can telepathically control the Lemures, so while normally mindless, under the direction of the bearded devils they do a wonderful job keeping the workers in line.

City of Cora

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