Elluviem is a world I created myself some three or so years ago. During that time a party of adventurers from the region of Olorn travelled, battled, and learned their way through a good portion of the world. Starting as lowly level three characters, they survived all I threw at them, including some really terrifying encounters, and managed to retire at level nine. Unfortunately we ended our campaign before it was truly finished. It was a reasonable stopping point however, and real world circumstances intervened. It’s been a few years and I decided to revive my old world and start a new adventure. The setting is just one year after the previous happenings and the players will be an entirely new group, setting out to help change the course of a troubled world. Lucky for them their characters have been around the block a few hundred times and they’re going to begin as veteran adventurers at level eight.

The system is using Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. While I did change many things about some of the settings’ details, the core of the game stayed exactly the same with one exception. Cross class skills cost only a single point, and instead of being capped at level+3 /2, it is instead capped at the characters level. So a level 8 character will be able to have up to 11 ranks in class skills, and up to 8 ranks in cross class skills for no extra cost.